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Kalaivani.R Kalaivani.R
Muthukumari.T Muthukumari.T
Raghavendiran.T.A Raghavendiran.T.A


This paper presents a PMSG based variable speed wind energy generating system using Vienna rectifier for conversion of AC to DC supply. A DC-DC Single-Ended Primary Inductor converter (SEPIC) was used in closed loop control to maintain the output voltage of grid connected inverter constant. The quality of output power is maintained as per the International Electro Commission standard IEC61400 which determines the output performance of the wind turbine generator. In order to achieve the aforementioned objective, the generated power from the wind source is converted from AC to DC, fixed DC to variable DC and then variable DC to AC. The quality of power is attained by maintaining the input of grid connected inverter (output of SEPIC converter) constant by operating the SEPIC converter in closed loop with controller. This paper presents the closed loop operation of SEPIC converter with proposed ANFIS (adaptive Neuro-fuzzy inference system) tuned PID controller implemented using Matlab/Simulink. The results obtained reveal that the proposed controller reduces the transient performance indices such as settling time, rise time and overshoot and also reduces THD of the system than the conventional PID controller and Fuzzy tuned PID controller. Moreover, the proffered controller increases the efficiency of the overall system than the conventional controller.

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