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J.Samuel Manoharan
I.A. Chidambaram
G. Ganesan @ Subramanian1


This paper presents Pseudo-Derivative Feedback with Feed-forward controller (PDFF) controller based Automatic Generation Control (AGC) of a two area interconnected power system. The control parameter of PDFF controller are optimized employing Flower Pollination Algorithm (FPA) in order to achieve the optimal transient response of the test system under for different types of possible transactions in restructured environment. The proposed PDFF controller are used in AGC application which locates the zero at an optimal place that shortens the step response rise time without overshoot and gives better dynamic performance of the system over PI controller. Integral Square Error (ISE) criterion of the test system was considered as an objective function to be minimized for tuning the gains of PDFF controller using FPA. In this study two type of test system is considered such as two area Hydro-Thermal and Thermal-Diesel power system. The simulation results show that the proposed FPA tuned PDFF controller improves the dynamic response of the restructured power system. The convergence speed performance of the proposed FPA algorithm is significantly better compared to those achieved by the existing algorithms. Moreover the Power System Restoration Indices (PSRI) is computed based on system dynamic performances and the remedial measures to be taken can be adjudged. These PSRI indicates that the ancillary service requirement to improve the efficiency of the physical operation of the power

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