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NgocKhoat NGUYEN
Thi-Mai-Phuong DAO


It is the fact that oscillation phenomenon of furnace pressure of a unit in a thermal power plant can negatively affect the normal operation of the power station. If this phenomenon is not damped fast enough, it may cause the furnace shutdown. This paper presents a newly practical control strategy regarding the design and improvement of the control part of an oil burner system for a thermal power plant in Vietnam. The control scheme aims to avoid the shutdown of the furnace flame when the furnace pressure oscillates. The control solution proposed in this paper includes two parts: a decrease of the duration of oil burner start sequence and an automatical start-up of the oil burner when the furnace pressure oscillates. The solution has been successfully and efficiently applied for a 330MW unit of the thermal power station in Vietnam. Applying the proposed control strategy, the stability, reliability and high efficiency of the unit of the thermal power station can be guaranteed. Practical results during the operation of the unit present superior achievements of the proposed control solution over those of an operating unit with gas and air control system in manual control mode.

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