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This paper proposes a new heuristic reconfiguration method for reduction of active losses in distribution networks. This method is based on the principle that active losses are minimal when these networks are meshed and a branch traversed by a minimal current can be cut without it leads to a significant increase in these minimal losses. It begins by evaluating a load flow calculation where all the tie switches installed in the network are closed, then open simultaneously a similar number of sectionalizing switches travelled by the minimum currents so as to obtain a radial configuration. This first operation leads to a first radial configuration with minimal losses. A second operation of refinement is applied to further reduce these losses. It consists to successively close the switches already opened during the first operation on the basis of the maximum voltage difference criterion, then open each time another switch on the basis of the minimal current criterion. This method is tested for two network examples. The results are compared with other results found in the literature.

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