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Augusteen W A
Dr.R.Rengaraj Dr.R.Rengaraj


This paper put forward the significance of Novel Capra Optimization Algorithm (NCOA) to solve classical Economic Dispatch (ED) problem. ED is to estimate, the output power of all generating units so that mandatory demands are satisfied at minimum cost, while satisfying diverse methodological constraints. Economic dispatch problem is especially non-linear and complex to solve because of its immense dimension. This paper intend to present the new algorithm to solve ED, which is modeled on the basis of the behavior of an herbivorous species namely Capra and also compares the success of the NCOA with known algorithm in literature. The simulation of the NCOA problem is tested with IEEE standard 3, 6and 15 thermal generating units. The Simulation results of the proposed NCOA approach is better than Neural Network, Evolutionary Programming, Differential Evolution (DE), Self Adaptive Differential Evolution, and other well known algorithms in literature.

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