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terki nadjiba
bouchakour abdelhak
hadj mahammed idriss
fezzni amor
borni abdelhalim
zaghba layachi
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this paper presents modeling and simulation of the photovoltaic system under MATLAB/Simulink. Firstly we started with the estimation of solar radiation using the model of Liu & Jordan, and then from hourly meteorological parameters of two data (sunlight and ambient temperature), we estimated the maximum hourly power produced by PV generator and buck-boost output converter using adaptive artificial intelligence techniques (fuzzy and Neuro-fuzzy Mppt controller) in the region of Ghardaia (South of Algeria). This approach is used to study the influence of rapidly changing irradiance level concerning performance of photovoltaic systems. From the simulation results, the Neuro-fuzzy Mppt controller approach can deliver more power and provides a response time response from the tracking system from the point of maximum power and pics lower than the fuzzy logic control.

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