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Mohamed Salah BENBOUZA


Since 1961 date of the first integrated circuit to 1971 which has seen the first microprocessor application, the micro-electronics passed from a discrete transistor to MSI integrated circuits with many thousands of integrated components and now to VLSI integrating many hundreds of thousands of devices. Technological recent technological progress permitted the GaAs and its ternary derivative to be the second generation material.
So, we present a study on the Gallium arsenide material specifying its transport and electric properties, and its specific advantages over the silicon material. A semi insulating substrate study of a gate Schottky diode for the GaAs MESFET devices manufacturing such as structures with and without buffer layer, with buried gate, mushroom and several fingers are carried over.
We will study the influence of the input impedance and output resistance to the gate as well as the noise generated by the structures to several fingers.

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