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Jegathesan Jegathesan


For hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) applications,
there is a need to transfer energy between battery and motor
drive. Hence a bidirectional converter is required to control
power flow in both motoring and regenerative braking
operation so that the efficiency of the system increases. Due
to compact size and weight of the bidirectional DC-DC
converter (BDC), the interest is focused to transformer-less
BDC. This work proposes a high efficient BDC to achieve
high efficiency with reduced switching losses. The proposed
converter is based on a bidirectional half-bridge type buckboost
topology along with a resonant inductor, two resonant
capacitors and two parallel capacitors forms a closed loop
converter for motor drive system. The proposed converter
has no additional switch for soft switching of the main
switch. Thus, the designed system is verified, simulated using
MATLAB Simulink and the performance of the various
control approaches including PI; Fuzzy and Neural control
for converter is analyzed in terms of rise time and settling
time. The simulation results are therefore verified with the
experimental results.

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