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A. Y. Hatata
A.Helmy A.Helmy
M. M. Saadawi


Electric power systems are frequently subjected to different failures. The majority of these failures, i.e. faults, are related to transmission networks. In case of any fault, the faulty line should be isolated to overcome the hazards related to that fault and to minimize the damage impact on the faulty element. This action must be done as fast and accurate as possible.
This paper presents a proposed technique for wide area protection of power systems based on phasor measurement units. The proposed technique provides rapid, accurate, and reliable fault detection, classification, and location algorithms. Firstly, the technique detects the faulty line in the transmission networks, and then it classifies the faulty phase. Finally, it detects the fault location on the specified transmission line. The proposed algorithm is based on measuring both synchronized currents and voltages at transmission line terminals. The technique is tested on homogenous and non-homogenous single circuit and double circuit transmission lines of an IEEE-9 bus system. The simulations results prove the applicability and accuracy of the proposed technique.

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