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Seyed Reza Aali
Pouria Maghouli


Implementation of smart wires in conventional transmission grids is one of major steps to transform them into a smarter grid. Distributed flexible AC- transmission system (D-FACTS) is a recently advanced FACTS device with high flexibility and smaller size. The distributed power flow controller (DPFC) operates based on the D-FACTS concept. The DPFC can be regarded as a UPFC without common DC link. The DPFC can control power flow in transmission lines, regulate bus voltages and it can also enhance stability margin in power grids.
Adaptive-neural network-based fuzzy inference system (ANFIS) combines features of artificial neural network and fuzzy controller. The ANFIS is nonlinear controller that can improve stability of the power system under different operating conditions. This paper presents the application of the neuro- fuzzy in DPFC- auxiliary controller to improve stability of power systems using wide area measurements provided by PMUs. This controller is implemented in a two area and a multi machine power system test case. The simulations show that DPFC based ANFIS- auxiliary controller in series or, and shunt converter can damp oscillations and increase stability in a wide range of system operating conditions rather than the classic- auxiliary controller used conventionally in the DPFC.

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