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Saritha Natesan
Jamuna Venkatesan


Abstract: This paper presents the effectiveness of a Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR), for improving voltage quality in Photovoltaic (PV) fed grid connected system. at three phase fault conditions. The innovation here is that the DVR acts as voltage controller with the main aim of protecting the load voltage during short circuit fault condition in photovoltaic fed grid connected system. The DVR is a power electronic based device that provides three-phase controllable voltage source, whose voltage vector (magnitude and angle) adds with the load voltage during fault condition, to restore the load voltage. The DVR can restore the load voltage within few milliseconds. In this paper, three phase fault (like L-G, LL-G and LLL-G) is introduced in the grid connected system and DVR is simulated to compensate the load voltage during fault period. Validation of proposed control method and DVR model is done through simulations by using MATLAB/SIMULINK. The obtained results shows the performance and the advantages of dynamic voltage restorer used in grid connected power system.

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