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Shaik Farook


The paper concerns with the stabilizing the dynamics of LFC in a deregulated power systems using supplementary controller fortified by tie line control. In a composite deregulated power system consisting of diverse generation technologies, the load disturbances in an area will influence the frequency and hence tie line power exchange which may influence the security of the interconnected power system. In the present work, a non-integer order PID controller is used to regulate the LFC regulation which is further fortified by a thyristor-controlled phase angle regulator (TCPAR) in tie-lines to damp the power swings. Using Integral Time Multiplied Absolute Error (ITAE), the control parameters were optimized using differential evolution algorithm. The methodology was implemented on a composite three area deregulated power system with different possible contracts between the GENCOs and DISCOs spanning over wide areas. The simulation result depicts the improved dynamic performance of LFC with FOPID and TCPAR controller over a wide operating range.

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