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Mr.S.Vivek Mr.S.Vivek
Dr.B.Sharmila Dr.B.Sharmila
Mr.Y.Dharshan Mr.Y.Dharshan


With the development and attenuation of network technology, research and application of Networked Control System (NCS) received more attention from scholars. Even though the NCS make it easy and convenient to control large systems, the use of limited bandwidth network channels into control system brings some problems. This paper focuses on control and monitor of a Networked pressure process system with networked induced delays and noises using MATLAB. Two control strategies are proposed in this project, IMC based PI controller with Smith predictor technique and Fuzzy Logic Controller. The work has been carried out with the help of UDP communication. Experimental result shows that the Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC) can counteract the effects of networked induced delays and noises. The transient responses of the system are analyzed for the designed controllers.

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