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Fayssal Amran
Chaiba Azzeddine


In this paper Model Reference Adaptive Control (MRAC) for Wind energy conversion system (WECS) doubly fed induction generator (DFIG) is proposed using direct power control (DPC) based on space-vector modulation (SVM) afor fixed switching frequency in the d-q reference frame is proposed for wind generation application using MPPT strategy. First, a mathematical model of the doubly-fed induction generator written in an appropriate d-q reference frame is established to investigate simulations. In order to control the DFIG direct power control and space-vector modulation (DPC-SVM) are combined to replace the hysteresis controllers used in the original DPC drive, the active and reactive powers are controllers by a PID regulators. The performances of MRAC which is based on the DPC-SVM combination are investigated and compared to those obtained from the PID regulators Results obtained in Matlab/SimulinkĀ® environment show that the MRAC is more robust, superior dynamic performance and hence found to be a suitable replacement of the conventional controller for the high performance drive applications.

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