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S Sellakumar
Dr M Vijayakumar
Dr.V.Rajendran Dr.V.Rajendran


This paper deals with the hysteresis current control based hybrid shunt active filter to improve the quality of power in distribution line by minimizing the harmonics. The main harmonic sources of distribution lines are the non linear loads and frequent switching of industrial loads. The non linear loads take discontinuous current and thus it injects harmonics. The switching of loads produces voltage sag and swells which leads to harmonics in the lines. The proposed hybrid shunt active filter is fully characterized by series LC and shunt DC link connected through 3-phase active filter. The disturbances in the supply voltage and load current due to frequent switching of a 5 HP wound induction motor in the 415 V, 50 Hz distribution line are observed using CW240 power quality meter. The same is simulated in MATLAB with and without filter. The simulation results obtained from the proposed method proves that it gives comparatively better THD value

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