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A novel topology of a single phase grid connected system based on photo voltaic system through high gain single switch dc to dc Zeta converter is proposed. In this topology the single phase grid is connected to the PV system, a Zeta converter and a single phase Voltage Source Inverter. A new optimized Grey Wolf Optimization (GWO) is used to extract maximum power from the PV system. For comparison with the conventional schemes the proposed topology is modeled with the help of reference frames which includes direct axis and quadrature axis elements. The GWO based MPPT algorithm shows excellent performance under various testing conditions and the outcomes are compared with Fuzzy based MPPT algorithm. The steady state and transient response of the controllers are discussed and implemented for their various operations of the PV fed energy system. The grid current synchronization is achieved by using PI controller which reduces the THD, complying with the IEEE harmonics standard. The proposed system aslo reduces the power quality issues in the PV based single phase grid connected system. The results are validated with Matlab simulation and DSPIC30F2010 controller

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[1] Rodriguez, Power control in AC isolated microgrids with renewable energy sources and energy storage systems, IEEE