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T.S.Balaji Damodhar
A.Senthil Kumar


Nowadays power generation by means of renewable energy resources are more common. Renewable energy resources does not cause any problem to the environment. This paper mainly focus on wind and solar energy for generation of power. Since wind and solar energy both are renewable energy resources. Power generation by means of solar and wind energy both in combined named as hybrid power generation. Wind and solar energy are unstable in nature. But wind and solar energy are the best method to provide or to satisfy the load demand. Power generation by means of combined wind and solar energy. Called hybrid system will be more usefull to supply remote communities. However these remote communities does not connected with power grid. These areas are named as off-grid or stand alone power supplies. Number of villages in this world are still excled from power these villages are energized by means of extended grid or by diesel generators. But diesel generators are uneconomical. In order to reduce the cost of generation of power to meet the load requirement focused on wind and solar energy for generating electrical energy. By using the combination of solar and wind energy resources we also reduce the usuage of fossil fuels. Generating electrical energy by means of renewable energy resources will have many advantages. It is economical, non polluting, not depletable.Generating electrical energy compraise of the following blocks. The blocks are wind energy turbine, photo voltaic observer, to

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