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Abdelkader Zeblah


This work proposes the use of a hybrid PV-Wind diesel system in order to determine the optimal configuration of renewable energy in isolated area in Algeria and to compare the cost of production of solar and wind energy with its annual yield relevant to different configurations of a rural area in Tindouf regions of Algeria. The paper reports of the results of the techno - economic optimization study of the solar- wind diesel hybrid with storage of the battery. The first objective of this study is to estimate the appropriate dimension of autonomous hybrid solar -wind diesel with battery storage that guarantee the energy autonomy of the consumer with the lowest cost of energy. The HOMER software is used as a sizing and optimization tool. Sensitivity analysis with wind speed data, solar radiation level, diesel price and the cost from different components. An isolated city of 230residents with an energy consumption of 709 kWh per day and a peak power of 66 kW was considered autonomous load. The results show that for the rural area of Tindouf, a hybrid solar -wind diesel generator system is the most suitable solution in terms of economic performance and pollution. The cost of production for this configuration proved to be cheaper and more environmentally friendly than the energy produced by the other configurations.

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