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Mazari Benyounes
Bendaha Yesma


Direct Torque Control (DTC) is a method, which is used to control the flux and torque of a motor. This method uses a flux and torque estimator. The major problem that is usually associated with DTC drive is the high torque ripple because of the two hysteresis controllers of flux and torque. The stator resistance is used in the flux and torque estimator. So the stator resistance deviation from its set value, might affect DTC performance especially at low speed.
To overcome these problems, this paper presents an improved direct torque control based on fuzzy logic technique (FLDTC), where the torque and flux hysteresis controllers are replaced by fuzzy controllers. The input variables of the fuzzy logic identifier are flux error, torque error and flux position
An active and reactive power using stator and rotor model stator to calculate resistance estimator is proposed.
The fuzzy proposed controller is shown to be able to reducing the torque and flux ripples and to improve performance DTC especially at low speed
An adaptive Luenberger observer controller scheme is designed to robustly drive a sensorless IM even for the case of low frequencies. Combining the fuzzy DTC control strategy
Finally, some simulation test results are given on the framework of a specific sensorless induction motor benchmark.

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