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Ravindranath Tagore YADLAPALLI
Dr. Anuradha KOTAPATI


Future generation microprocessor poses many challenges to its dedicated power supplies for delivering high quality power, the voltage regulators (VRs), such as the low voltage, high current, faster load transitions and tight voltage regulation. Also the power management issues in computing systems are becoming complex and fixing remarkable targets for the design engineers. This paper presents broad review on different dc-dc converter topologies like multi-phase synchronous buck, multiphase non - coupled and coupled-inductor buck, asymmetrical half-bridge converter with current doubler and the duty cycle extended quadratic buck converter (QBC). The design, control and simulation of each converter are presented for 1V/30A at a switching frequency of 300 kHz. The simulation of each converter is performed in closed-loop mode using PSIM software and the performance of different topologies is compared in terms of transient voltage deviation, transient settling time and efficiency.

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