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The prediction of eddy-current losses
is of great importance in AC machines especially in PM brushless ones. This statement is further confirmed when dealing with concentrated winding PM machines (CWPMM). These are characterized by the high harmonic content of their air gap
flux densities. Within this topic, the paper is devoted to a 2D finite element analysis (FEA) based assessment of the eddy-current losses in a class of CWPMMs characterized by a 12 slot/10 pole combination. A comparison between the double- and single-layer arrangements is achieved through
a cross-section mapping, a local, and an overall analysis of the eddy-current loss density. It has been found that the eddy-current losses of the CWPMM with single-layer arranged armature are almost 8% higher than those of one with double-
layer arranged armature, which is confirmed by the respective air gap flux density spectra.

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