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Karuppanan Karuppanan


This paper presents a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) controller based three-phase conventional and cascaded multilevel voltage source inverter (VSI) fed adjustable speed induction motor drive applications. This inverter should maintain the variation of both voltages and frequency simultaneously; it keeps their V/F ratio constant for control of speed. In this investigation, a simple novel control circuit is adopted using FPGA devices for the hardware implementation. It can be accommodated in a single chip that provides high computation speed and accurate control signals for higher output voltages with less harmonic content. VHDL language is used to model the inverter switching strategies. The proposed controller generates 6-control signals to conventional inverter and 36-control signals to cascaded inverter switches for 3-level and 7- level output voltage respectively. Matlab/System generator and XILINX tools are used with hardware-co-simulation to synthesize the architecture and the obtained architecture is embedded in FPGA

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