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Sherif Zaid


This paper presents an efficient PV array connected to utility grid through H5 transformer-less inverter. A boost converter is employed between the PV array and the inverter. Hysteresis current controller is presented as a maximum power tracker which maintains the PV array current at a constant value corresponding to the maximum power that can be drawn from the PV array. Leakage current in the parasitic capacitances is reduced to reasonable values according to standards. Voltage controller is utilized to maintain the output voltage of the boost converters nearly constant to meet the utility grid voltage and generate the required reference grid current as well. Phase locked loop with the reference grid current are used to generate the control signals of H5 inverter switches. The utilization factor and overall efficiency are improved. Design procedure of the elements of boost converter and H5 inverter is proposed. Simulation results validate the high performance of the proposed system.

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