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Sivaprasad.R Sivaprasad.R
Dr.V. Jamuna


The Induction Motor is commonly used for almost all industrial applications. The losses that occur in an industrial motor can be minimized by using a suitable control strategy and making changes in the methodologies by which the power is being fed. The induction motor proposed in this paper consists of two stator windings. The windings are fed by two different types of modified inverters. The working of three phase induction motor load fed by modified inverters has been analyzed. A prototype model of induction machine is also developed. The performance analysis of three phase Induction motor fed by different types of modified inverters and a Dual Stator Induction Motor- DSIM fed by two different modified inverters was done using MATLAB Simulink and the results are presented. The Total Harmonic Distortion with respect to output voltage and output current are significantly reduced. The fundamental values of Voltage and Current are also improved drastically.

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