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Micro grid connection capability of distributed power generation appeals recently in researchers due to the accumulative involve for electricity and environment pollution pertain as a novel emerging technology for supplying the reliable and clean power source. This paper proposes the dynamic model of renewable energy source based current fed switched inverter for hybrid power generation system. The hybrid configuration of current fed DC-DC switched inverter (CFSI) is used to combines the higher gain property of ZSI and lower passive component count of SBI. This analysis can be achieved the maximum power generation of renewable energy resources, leading current control and high boost-up capability of inverter. Here, the control strategy of Distributed Maximum Power Point Tracking (DMPPT) for extracting maximum power from the photovoltaic (PV), Wind and fuel cell supply system. In this paper, the simulation model of MPPT P & O and MPPT Fuzzy controls are developed and also compared with results show the effectiveness of fuzzy based techniques obtained to extract maximum power from hybrid power system. The improvement of power quality in micro grid connected system is proposed for both voltage source inverter and multilevel inverter under linear, non linear, unbalanced and induction motor load conditions. It can be carried out by the power factor correction analysis in MATLAB/Simulink platform and corresponding simulation results are presented using control scheme based on outpu

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