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Arrouf Mohamed
Unknown Unknown
Belmili hocine


This paper presents the study and development of micro grid-connected PV/Wind hybrid energy system in Algeria. The aim of this study is to design different configurations and installing the PV/Wind hybrid system with the best quality /price ratio (where it is needed and with the simplest possible configuration). The simplicity of the power system contributes in reducing its maintenance costs and increasing its reliability. For this aim, a new strategy based on the optimization of the energy extracted from these sources, by choosing the best combination location/configuration. Will presented in this work using a low voltage three-phase network to get rid of the storage problem, and with ability to operate in islanding mode to supply consumers with electrical energy in case of electricity shortage resulting from a failure of this latter, and thus limited the number of consumers affected by this network breakdown. These systems could be implemented by, farmers, cooperatives, individuals, and local communities considered as electricity producers in this case. The simulation results show the control performance and dynamic behavior of the PV/Wind system and islanding mode.

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