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This article studies a design and implementation of variable structure based sliding mode controller (VSBSMC) plus proportional double integral controller (PDIC) for output voltage regulation of the fundamental positive output super lift Luo-converter (FPOSLLC) operated in continuous conduction mode (CCM). Because of non-linear ON/OFF nature of the FPOSLLC and their dynamic characteristics is poor. In order to increase the dynamic characteristics and output voltage regulation of the FPOSLLC, a VSBSMC plus PDIC is developed. The designed VSBSMC plus PDIC is more appropriate to the naturally variable-structured FPOSLLC, when expressed in the state-space average model. The performance of the designed controller is demonstrated for its robustness to perform over a wide range of working conditions through both in MATLAB/Simulink model and in the experimental model with the comparative study of a VSBSMC plus proportional integral controller (PIC). The results have showed that the VSBSMC plus PDIC can achieve outstanding output voltage and inductor current regulations for FPOSLLC at various states.

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