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Voltage instability has been given much attention in the power system in recent years, as it is being regarded as one of the major problems in power system insecurity. To maintain a stable and secure operation of a power system is therefore a very important and is becoming a challenging issue. Based on voltage stability analysis and on loss on reduction, the DG placement problem is solved. DG units may also participate in security as well as power generation based on their locations and size. In this paper Dg placement location is solved using the modal analysis and sensitivity analysis methods. The analysis is performed for IEEE 33 Bus system. The Modal Analysis method and sensitivity methods are used to observe the stability of the power system. Stability margin Prediction or distance to voltage collapse is based on the load demand. For each system the most critical mode is identified modal analysis and sensitivity factors are calculated by using loss sensitivity analysis and voltage sensitivity index. Comparison is made for the voltages for each methods.

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