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B. E. Sedhom
M. M. El-Saadawi
A. Y. Hatata
E.E. Abd-Raboh


A Microgrid (MG) is a part of the power system that consists of loads, distributed generations (DGs), and energy storage units. It operates in On-grid or Off-grid modes. When a microgrid operates in an Off-grid mode, its voltage and frequency must be adjusted to prescribed acceptable limits. This paper introduces a comprehensive review of research studies related to the available control schemes used in microgrids. The control methods are divided into three categories. The first category includes classical control methods that apply a conventional control method to adjust MG parameters. The second category is adaptive control methods to control the system parameters. The last category is the intelligent control methods that modify the classical control methods by applying one of the intelligent control methods. This paper presents a brief comparison between these control methods based on the method description, merits and demerits of each method and it gives a brief description of the main contribution of the researches containing these control methods.

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