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Abdelkader. DJAHBAR
Benyouness. MAZARI


The present work is relating to the development and the Inclusion of the statics converters to supply the multi-machines systems, in the electric traction field.
To minimize the size and the number of power converters then to use two machines in series in an electric traction system. We have integrated a single three to five phase matrix converter, rather than use a five-phase inverter, to supply two five-phase wheel motors (2 PMSM), for driving an electric traction system.
A three to five phase matrix converter is most easily provides five variable voltages, is controlled to supply by five alternating currents, which they interact to cause the two series connected five-phase PMSM to rotate.
This study shows the functionality of the proposed matrix converter, which it is the same as the inverter, by providing the current required for the vector control and the pilotage of the two five phases PMSM at different loading conditions of the electric traction drive system.

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