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Ghada Ben Hamadou
Ahmed Masmoudi
Mongi Ben Hamadou


The paper is devoted to an investigation of the cogging torque exhibited by two
brushless surface mounted PM machines which share the same rotor topology and differ by the slot per pole and per phase: (i) a unity one and (ii) a fractional one equal to 2/5 which has been found a viable candidate to achieve many interesting features especially a high torque production capability with a reduced cogging torque.
In a first step, an analytical formulation of the cogging torque is derived, then applied to predict the cogging torques of both machines. It has been found that the machine with a fractional slot per pole and per phase produces a lower cogging
torque. Finally, a 2D FEA validation of the analytical results is provided combined with the computation of the electromagnetic torques developed by both machines.

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