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c nagarajan


A Series Parallel Resonant Converter with LCL-T and CLL-T configuration has been simulated and presented in this paper with closed loop operation. The limitations of two element resonant topologies can be overcome by adding a third reactive element termed as modified Series Parallel Resonant Converter (SPRC). A three element LCL-T SPRC working under load independent operation (voltage type and current type load) is presented in the paper. The analysis is carried out using the state space approach and the regulation of output voltage is done by using Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC). The proposed approach is expected to provide better voltage regulation for dynamic load conditions. A prototype 300 W, 100 KHz converter is designed and built to experimentally demonstrate. The simulated and experimental results shows that the output of converter is free from the ripples and the converter can be used for many air borne application.

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