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Hazem Hassan Ali


Protection of Doubly Fed Induction Generator (DFIG) wind turbine from failure operation due to grid disturbances is necessary via accomplishing reactive power compensation. Static Synchronous Shunt Compensator (STATCOM) based on AC voltage magnitude regulator and Shunt Active Power Filter (SAPF) based on load calculations at Point of Common Coupling (PCC) are used to enhance the dynamic response of DFIG regulated voltage during grid disturbances. An assessment performance study between these devices is introduced in this paper. STATCOM and SAPF are proposed under the presence of the weak grid and the power converter of DFIG is operated in Unity Power Factor (UPF) mode. Also, the maximum energy production of DFIG using Genetic Algorithm (GA) optimization feeding the load and the grid is still working over the entire operation. Simulation results reveal that STATCOM enhanced the dynamic voltage response of DFIG compared to SAPF under grid disturbances and wind speed variation.

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