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nesrine mekki


The undamped oscillations problem in an interconnected power system has been a matter of concern in several power systems for a long time. In fact, the oscillatory response of power plants under normal and fault conditions is one of the most dominant grid connection requirements to be met by robust control systems. This paper presents a new control scheme coordinating the Load Frequency Control (LFC) process with an Improved Power System Stabilizer (IPSS) loop whose main purpose is the power swings damping enhancement whenever subjected to sudden changes in load levels as well as disturbances. Accordingly, a performant tuned PI controller for LFC and an IPSS tuning method, are thoroughly discussed. Additionally, the impact of integrated wind farms of Doubly-Fed Induction Generator (DFIG) on the studied power system stability is investigated under different operating conditions. The simulation results of a modified 9-Bus IEEE test system are carried out proving the proposal’s applicability.

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