Journal of Electrical Engineering : Volume 20 / 2020 - Edition : 1

Editorial :

Volume 19, no.5, 2019 is here again with 50 papers.

We are glade to notice that the majority are related to power electronics as applied in industry, power systems, home appliances and electric transport, domains of high dynamics in R&D and market wise.

We thank the authors for the good work so far but we encourage them to do more in terms of experimental validation of their proposed technologies, software wise and hardware wise.

We also thank to the associate editors and reviewers for their contribution to improve the quality of the papers, however due to the large backlog we ask them kindly but rather imperatively, to be even more prompt in delivering their reviewers without sacrificing quality.

Noticing that the term allowed for a thorough revision according to reviewers suggestions takes to long, ultimately, not in the favor of the authors themselves, we hereby, set the limit to 45 calendar days from the announcement from us for the current situation, we will write soon to all authors in this situation and tell them about this 45 days interval for revision, set only to speed up the publication of a good paper in the Journal.

Also, as we noticed that many authors, especially Ph.D students, are repeatedly asking us to tell them in what specific issue of the Journal their approved (after reviewing) paper is to be published, we respond them that we have to maintain the current announcement of “approval in principle with publication in one of the future issues” because we cannot be sure about a specific issue for publication since our principle of First Come, First Published - after successful review - holds as fair to all potential authors. However, in general, the term: “the paper will be published in one of the future issues”, meant in practice, so far, maximum second issue in the future if not the first. So, please, authors with approved papers, be a bit more patient, we do the best we can.

Ion Boldea
IEEE Life Fellow
Editor in Chief for

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