Journal of Electrical Engineering : Volume 19 / 2019 - Edition : 4

Editorial :

Volume 19 no 4, August 2019 is here with another batch of 60 papers. It is refreshing to see again that the majority of papers relate to the very dynamic field of power electronics while, also, numerous contributions relate to electric machines and variable speed drives suitable for hot applications such as robotics, e-transportation and e-home appliances for intelligent buildings.

It should be noticed that so far we refrained from the usual practice of “special issues”, though it may bring more visibility, because we remained faithful to the principle “ first come, first served”.
It should also be noticed that IEEE is now coming with two more “Open Access Journals: one on Power Electronics and one in Industrial Electronics”-no printed edition- which have free access for the viewers/readers but at notable paper processing cost covered by authors; based on binary reviewing decision(direct yes or no for publication) they are faster in publication; about the quality we will discuss a few years after they will be well established.

Our Journal so far, since 2000, is free access for readers and still also for authors, but the review with 1-2 revisions takes more time, hopefully safeguarding the quality with an unplanned average 40-50% rejection.

Please remember “non multa sed multum”: “not many is much” as a smart ancient Roman said , and, consequently, prepare thorough papers with experiments wherever possible and a high degree of practicality to make a solid contribution, which ,in most cases, will be sure noticed.

Thanks again to authors, reviewers and readers for their generous input so far.

Prof. Ion Boldea, IEEE Life Fellow, Editor in Chief of

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