Journal of Electrical Engineering : Volume 19 / 2019 - Edition : 3

Editorial :

Volume 19 no.3/6 is here on time with 60 papers. Many papers are related to the very dynamic field of Power Electronics, the enabler technology in electric energy, motion and temperature control. It is followed by electric motors/generators/actuators design and control for various industries, from renewable energy, generators thru industrial robotics and e-building drives.

In general, we re receiving more and more papers by today which puts ever more pressure on our voluntary reviewers. To ease their work and thus reduce the publication time, please consider sending even more comprehensive papers with lots of digital simulation and convincing test results for solutions that have stronger chances to be taken by industry.

Also, when uploading the paper proposal, the authors are warned not to change the initial title of the paper throughout the reviewing papers as the final pdf version may not be altered by the publisher. If badly needed the changes in the title should be done by the authors both, on the web interface where they uploaded the paper, and on the final pdf file of accepted paper before publication. After publication no such change is feasible.


Ion Boldea, IEEE Life Fellow
Editor in Chief of

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