Journal of Electrical Engineering : Volume 17 / 2017 - Edition : 3

Editorial :

Volume 17, no.3, 2017, is here with 55 papers, the last arrival of them in January 2017. This sounds positive but there are still in the backlog many papers which arrived earlier and are still due to review or the authors are late in providing the revision.

Dominant subjects in this issue are: power electronics and electric drives with some papers on industrial power systems, renewable energy, electromagnetics, sensors etc.

We stress again that in view of the ever increasing number of paper proposal uploads we promote for publication first papers with strong well defined documented original contributions with heavy digital simulations and experimental efforts.

We also urge our authors to place their papers contributions in representative international literature context, a minimum of 12 -15 literature citations is recommended. Seminal papers in the field and recent publications with significant contributions, many in IEEExplore are to be checked by the authors.

Yes, we would like to see one or two citations from our Journal also, but only when applicable by content and quality and on a volunteer basis.


Ion Boldea
IEEE Life Fellow
Editor in Chief of

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