Journal of Electrical Engineering : Volume 17 / 2017 - Edition : 1

Editorial :

Volume 17 / 1 of (Journal of Electrical Engineering, ISSN 1582-4594) is here with another batch of 60 papers.

It is to note that the spectrum of the contents remains wide with a notable number of papers in: Power Electronics, Electrical Machines and Drives, Industrial Electrical Power Systems, Power Electronic Devices, Electromagnetic Compatibility, Electrostatics, Electricity and Digital Appliances in Buildings etc.

The number of site visitors in February 2017 was about 3800 (40% new, 60% returning) from “google analytics report”.

Though the number of comprehensive papers with experimental validation has increased gradually, there is still need for more progress in this area. The Associate Field Editors have done a good job in reviewing the large number of paper proposals uploaded lately but we need even more demanding, though realistic, reviews, to be able to further increase the quality of the published papers.

As about the backlog, with two exceptions, all the papers from this issue, have been uploaded first in 2016 with the last accepted one received in July 2016. A high quality paper has a better chance to be published quicker, as expected.

We did not and will not encourage citations from our Journal, in the papers for this Journal, unless the authors find pertinent papers that deserve citation by content and quality. However, as an only 17 year old Journal, we hope that authors that published papers in our Journal, will cite also papers from this Journal in their publications in other journals but if, and only if, they find appropriate for the quality of the paper and to observe the seminal contributions.


Ion Boldea – Editor in Chief:
IEEE Life Fellow

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