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Journal of Electrical Engineering : Volume 18 / 2018 - Edition : 2

Editorial :

Vol.18, no.2, 2018 of www.jee.ro (Journal of Electrical Engineering) is here with other batch of 60 papers. We noticed with pleasure two aspects:

- First is related to the increased number of papers on power electronics issues
- Second, the increase number of papers with experiment effort an convincing results.

We urge the potential authors, in face of ever increased number of paper proposal uploads per month, to prepare comprehensive papers with well-defined original contributions, thoroughly documented by theory, digital simulations and experimental results, thus increasing their chance of Journal publication. We also ask the potential authors to better place their paper in full international context by citing and assessing correctly the previous contribution in the subject. IEEExplore and other big data sources of technical papers should be visited necessarily.
Ultimately, the authors decide what citations they include but they should be aware of the seminal papers on the subject of interest, to avoid redundancy, duplication of existing results.

Another problem is English. We strongly ask the authors to redact the papers with extreme care and patience, eventually with professional linguistic help, to make sure that the paper contents is not harm by its defective English.
Finally, we draw the attention on potential authors that starting January 1st 2019, all paper uploads should conform to LATEX TEMPLATE FILE of the Journal (included in the Publisher interface on our Journal web page). To do so, the authors should learn editing their papers in LATEX, which you either have, or open an account on LATEX web page to learn how to use it.

We ask for this in position, to provide uniformity to a style of our Journal which is a necessary precondition of acceptance in the archives of well-known Scientific Databases.

In many countries, using LATEX is usual for the Ph.D. Students, Faculty, engineering in industry who redact papers but we also know that in some countries mostly direct pdf format is still used. For the latter an additional effort is required but we think it will be worst the effort for the future and we thank them for the effort.

Ion Boldea - IEEE Life Fellow
Editor in Chief of www.jee.ro

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