Journal of Electrical Engineering : Volume 16 / 2016 - Edition : 4

Editorial :

Volume 16, no. 4, 2016, of Journal of Electrical Engineering ( is here with 60 papers.

The subject spectrum is large, from power electronics and drives to power systems and industrial digital control and renewable energy systems.

More papers have experimental effort but in view of the more and more paper proposals per months, we urge the authors to add experimental validation any time they can to compliment the theoretical and all topological contributions and digital simulation results.

The number of visitor per month was in November 1062 above 4200 (40% more than the average last year), with 47,11% new visitors.

We remind you that we are a SCOPUS indexed Journal and we continue to send our issues timely to ISI for evaluation.

We also noticed that the number of citations of the Journal started increasing in the last year. To facilitate correct citation, please, when you cite a paper from this Journal, cited as: Journal of Electrical Engineering, ISSN 1582-4594 (

As one more year comes to an end, please accept my heartfelt good wishes for the coming winter holidays.


Ion Boldea, IEEE Life Fellow
Editor in Chief of

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