Journal of Electrical Engineering : Volume 18 / 2018 - Edition : 4

Editorial :

Volume 18, no.4 2018 is here with another batch of 60 papers.
Again power electronics in various applications is the dominant subject. Also, quite a few related to variable speed drives progress are included.
Moreover, the number of papers with experimental effort has somewhat increase but we still have a long way to go. From the reviewing process, we can fairly say that the prospective authors should:
Add an assess more representative seminal and recent literature to place their contributions in better international context (see IEEE Explore);
State clearly the original contribution claims in Introduction and then document the claims by theory, digital simulations and, whenever possible, with experimental work;
Discuss thoroughly the results and draw new technical insights useful to enforce the new knowledge.
Check thoroughly the English of the paper including the text of the figures and the literature section, to eliminate most if not all phrasing and spelling errors, observing the format of the pages;
Also, we draw again your attention to the fact that as already stated, from next year we will experiment with bimonthly issues (6 issues per year) to cope with the ever increasing number of paper proposals in the recent past.
Thanking the reviewers for the effort so far, we ask them kindly but strongly to be more prompt without reducing the quality of their reviews. Please note that we have opened a section of Electricity Historical Letters, where we may publish 1-2 letters of maximum 3 pages per issue.

As it is December, we wish you Happy Winter Holidays and a New Good Year in your professional and personal life. Sincerely, Ion Boldea, IEEE Life Fellow Editor in Chief of

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