Journal of Electrical Engineering : Volume 17 / 2017 - Edition : 4

Editorial :

Volume 17, no.4, 2017 is here with 70 accepted papers.

We increase a bit the number of papers in this issue to decrease the backlog mainly due to ever increasing paper proposal uploads for the Journal.

We are aware that the long backlog in reviewing, the ever more paper proposals is hurting some authors and we intervene so that the reviewers are doing their job diligently but more promptly, it is however a volunteer job and we realize that the reviewers are rather busy being still rather young / very active; however we trust they realize that this is a service for the community of R&D in our field.

From the 70 accepted papers in this issue, most part refers to power electronics, electric machines and drives, renewable energy, industrial processes digital control and distributed / smart power grids.

This is a good indicator for the Journal situating in the main stream of R&D in electrical engineering.

From late January 2018 we will have an enhanced web site, more responsive / functional and user friendly. We also draw your attention to the fact that starting next year, as already announced, the authors have to upload with the paper proposal a report related to the verification of the paper against plagiarism by a dedicate internationally recognized software – at the authors choice (if you need suggestions here, please contact us).

From January 2018, we will have on our website a section dedicated to “Electricity Historical Letters”, where we will publish a few (1-2) letters / issue (up to 2-3 pages) on important issues in electricity theory, innovation and industry of historical relevance.

In the effort to assure the continuity of Journal indexation, please see on our website from January 2018 the logo of the Cosmos Foundation with the following link:

As one more year draws to an end, and a new one is near, we wish you all reviewers, authors and readers Happy Winter Holidays and Good New Year.


Ion Boldea - IEEE Life Fellow
Editor in Chief of

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