Journal of Electrical Engineering : Volume 19 / 2019 - Edition : 1

Editorial :

As promised, goes up from 4 to 6 issues per year (bimonthly publication), mainly due to the large number of paper proposal uploads per month. We start with 60 papers in volume 19 /no. 1, February 2019. First we mention that more than 50% of the accepted papers are in applied electronics, the postmodern “workhorse” of industry.
Building electrification for smart cities, electrical machines & drives, intelligent digital appliances and modern industrial electric power systems are other subjects of primary presence in this issue.
Further, we mention here the notable percentage of papers with experiments and encourage future authors to include experimental effort in their paper proposals, thus increasing the publication chances in a very competitive age.
This issue also includes our third “electricity historical letter”.
According to a decision taken in 2018, our Journal promotes still optionally, the usage of LATEX in arranging the format of the paper; we hope that this initiative will extend soon to all papers and urge the authors to contribute to this goal.
Also, at our request, more and more authors are doing similarity checks on a chosen recognized platform before uploading the paper proposals; we hope that soon, most (all) papers will have this check.
For enquiring about the archiving of our Journal, please see our webpage.
The average (unplanned) rate of acceptance of papers for our Journal is around 50% and this is an indication of the strong competition but also of a balanced / constructive reviewing process.
Thanking the reviewers for their diligences and authors for their valuable contributions, we hope that in the future even more strong papers (theoretical, experimentally, applicable) in the hottest subjects in power electric and electronics engineering (example: robotics, electric actuators etc.) will be proposed for our Journal.
Ion Boldea – IEEE Life Fellow
Editor in Chief of

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