Journal of Electrical Engineering : Volume 19 / 2018 - Edition : 3

Editorial :

A new Issue, Volume 19, no.3, 2018 with a strong batch of 50 papers with a wide spectrum in Contents but naturally focused on POWER ELECTRONICS (PWE).
It seems that PE is “the main engine” of progress in electric energy processes in all industries, from Smart phones, through HEVs, EVs with driver’s assistance for safety and comfort (e-transport), to power systems, data centers, industry, home appliances etc.
Given the ever larger number of entries per month, with a realistic eye on quality but without a pre assigned % of rejections(statistically the rejection rate was between about 40 to 50%) we let you know now that, from next year(2019) we will extend to bimonthly issues (6 Issues per year instead of 4, now) each with around 50 papers. Please make sure your papers are timely, with well stated contribution claims amply documented by digital simulations and experiment, in order to maximize your chances of Publication. Thanks again to diligent international authors and reviewers for their decisive contribution to JEE’s mission.

Prof. Ion Boldea,
IEEE Life Fellow,
Editor in Chief

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