Journal of Electrical Engineering : Volume 20 / 2020 - Edition : 3

Partial Discharge Pattern Analysis of Palm Oil for Optimized Transformer Insulation Applications

industrial electrical power systems
Insulation of the transformer is the most important thing to resist the flow of current. Typical insulation of solid and the liquids are used in the transformer to dissipate the heat energy and provide the coolant service to the transformers. In previous years, the mineral oils are used for this purpose, and now a days those materials are converted into the vegetable oils which can provide the sufficient insulation to the transformers. In this paper “partial discharge pattern analysis of palm oil for optimized transformer insulation applications”, the palm-based oils are used as a dielectric material. The design procedures include the rectangular ultra-wide band magnetic core Tesla transformer, in which the coupling coefficient has become the popular one, it can be obtained through the elephant herding optimization algorithm being this two update vectors are processed. The iteration process can yield the optimal value which is attained for the coupling ratio. At the load of the transformer the electrical characteristics of “partial discharge test” is carried out, in which the excessive voltage beyond the threshold limit can cause the breakdown. This can be prevented under the test. The experimental results are carried out on the MATLAB/SIMULINK. Finally the comparison results are carried out over the recent papers which are mentioned in the references. Those papers obtained the less efficiency when compared with our proposed approach.
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