Journal of Electrical Engineering : Volume 17 / 2017 - Edition : 1

Parallel Fuzzy Logic Controllers for Independent Control of Two Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors fed by a Five Leg Inverter for Electric Vehicles

electrical machines and drives
Multi-motor multi-phase converter system can be composed by converter supplying several machines, which occupy an persona in industry applications such as electric power train, textile paper industries and autonomous mobile, where the general philosophy is a (2n+1) leg inverter can feed 'n' number of three phase motors. In this paper, the parallel fuzzy logic controllers (FLCs) are developed to control the speed of the two permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSMs), which are driven by a five leg inverter (FLI). The FLI drive for two motors in the electrical vehicle/hybrid electric vehicles (EV/HEV) employs reduced component count (one leg less) due to the sharing of common leg amid the motors. The coincident control of two independent rated PMSMs (a traction motor to deliver the driving force for the vehicle and a compressor motor for the air-conditioning) through a single drive is cumbersome. The triumph of the designed two parallel FLCs is tested in MATLAB/Simulink environment and compared with the Ziegler-Nichols method tuned parallel proportional integral controllers (PICs). The time response analysis such as startup speed, peak over shoot, rise time, delay time and settling time have been evaluated. Simulation results verify the feasibility and validity of the proposed parallel FLC for the FLI drive, which shows decoupled operation of two PMSMs and good static/dynamic performances.
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