Journal of Electrical Engineering : Volume 19 / 2019 - Edition : 3

Optimization for Augmentation of Primary Power supply to Improve the Endurance of the Quadcopter

industrial electrical power systems
The flight endurance is the major challenge in Quadcopter or Quadrotor or Drone applications. This paper presents the rotary power harvesting system using Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Generator (BLDCG) to harvest the electrical energy from the rotors of Quadcopter to extend its flight duration. The Energy Harvesting (EH) system is mounted rigidly to the propeller shafts of Quadcopter. This work mainly focuses on the optimization technique to maximize the power generated from BLDCG using controlled rectifiers and to compare the results with the state of the art. To detect the position of the rotor, Sensorless back emf detection technique is adopted. Literature survey reveals that the conventional uncontrolled rectification methods using diodes, have its own limitations which may not maximize the possible power due to non-optimal current and low power per ampere ratio. Moreover, Diode rectifiers generates harmonics to the source side and also permits only one side power flow. This problem is solved using Controlled rectifiers with MOSFET. A Hysteresis comparator along with the PI controller is used to regulate the DC link voltage. Followed by the Energy Harvesting system, the Generated output voltage is boosted and regulated using Single Ended Primary Inductor Converter (SEPIC) to power and charge the Quadcopter on board Lipo Battery. This proposed optimized harvesting system is simulated using MATLAB simulation and a complete hardware setup is built and tested in the laborato
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