Journal of Electrical Engineering : Volume 17 / 2017 - Edition : 3

Power loss minimization in Radial Distribution Network considering different load levels via AGPSO Part-I Using high penetrated DGs and Reconfiguration

industrial electrical power systems
Network Reconfiguration (NR) is one of the traditional methods to overcome the power loss problem and to improve the efficacy of the Distribution Network (DN). For the past two decades, optimal placement and sizing of DG units had played a significant role in minimizing the power loss as well as node voltage improvement. The impact of power loss reduction will be more, if both DG units and NR are combined together. This paper proposes an application of Autonomous Group Particle Swarm Optimization (AGPSO) to solve the network reconfiguration problem with optimal placement and sizing of four DG units under four different cases with an objective to minimize real power loss in Radial Distribution Network (RDN) subject to satisfying operating constraints. Further, this paper considers three different load levels for optimal DG placement with NR to investigate the effectiveness of the proposed method. The proposed method has been tested on standard IEEE 33 and 69 bus DN and the results are compared with previous published methods. Simulation results reveal that the proposed method minimizes the real power loss and voltage deviation in an effective and efficient manner.
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