Journal of Electrical Engineering : Volume 19 / 2019 - Edition : 3

Harmonic Analysis of Photovoltaic Fed Asymmetric Multilevel Inverter using Modified Artificial Neural Network Intelligent Optimization Techniques

N I Maheshwari
M Chandrasekaran
building electrification
This paper presents the harmonic elimination in a Photovoltaic fed Grid connected asymmetric cascaded multilevel inverter (AMLI) supplied with diverse input sources from solar Photo Voltaic’s (PV) using the modern intelligent techniques such as Modified Artificial Neural Networks (MANNs) with Enriched chicken Swarm Optimization (ECSO). AMLI topology decreases the quantities of semiconductor switches. The power yield is then sifted utilizing passive inductor part and afterwards synchronized to feed the Grid control framework. In MANN based approach, the switching angles are acquired with the fundamental component kept steady and lower order harmonics are limited or removed. The collection of information with shifting input voltages and exchanging edges are prepared with MANN. The equipped system is coordinated with sun oriented PV framework to decrease the harmonics. Also, the target work for the proposed idea is performed using optimization strategies to get the ideal switching angles required for the inverter switches. The modeling of solar panel is produced which fills in as the contribution to recreation. The Matlab/Simulink simulation results are compared with past reviews. The proposed combination offers a brilliant execution with important outcome in most minimal THD acquired and furthermore empowers the inverter to work under unhinged PV conditions exhaustively
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