Journal of Electrical Engineering : Volume 17 / 2017 - Edition : 2

Fuzzy controller based Active Power Filter working in a Wind and PV Power Generation Systems using four leg inverter configurations.

power electronics devices
An active power filter implemented with a four-leg voltage-source inverter using a predictive control scheme is presented. The use of a four-leg voltage-source inverter allows the compensation of current harmonic components, as well as unbalanced current generated by single-phase nonlinear loads. A detailed yet simple mathematical model of the active power filter, including the effect of the equivalent power system impedance, is derived and used to design the predictive control algorithm. This proposed system is placed in a wind and pv based power generation system. A Fuzzy logic controller is used in the control block to generate accurate control signals to the inverter circuit. The compensation performance of the proposed active power filter and the associated control scheme under steady state and transient operating conditions is demonstrated through simulations and experimental results.
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