Journal of Electrical Engineering : Volume 20 / 2020 - Edition : 4

Analysis of TEG Based Non-galvanic isolated DC-DC Conversion System Employing Maximum Power Point Tracking Methods

power electronics
In the present scenarios, the electricity generation from waste heat has become a popular in both research and industrial sectors. The waste heat recovering techniques mostly use ThermoElectric Generator (TEG), to convert heat energy into electrical energy. In this paper non-galvanic isolated high step-up DC-DC power converter with switched capacitor cells is proposed for the ThermoElectric power generation systems. The non-galvanic isolated DC-DC conversion system has the advantage of good output regulation and switched capacitor converter has a high voltage gain. Hence, the proposed converter has high voltage gain and excellent voltage regulation. Also, the Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) using Perturb and Observe (P&O) and Incremental Conductance (INC) techniques are used to track the maximum power from the TEG. This paper presents the design and simulation of proposed converter with tracking controller using PSIM.
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