Journal of Electrical Engineering : Volume 19 / 2018 - Edition : 3

Novel three Phase Quasi Z source Multilevel Inverter Topology for Wind Turbine Driven Permanent Magnet Generator

Maheswari K.T
power electronics
This study presents the utilization of multilevel inverter that has been designed to reduce the circuit complexity and optimizing the use of bidirectional switches. A new three phase Quasi Z source multilevel inverter (QZS-MLI) for low speed wind turbine driven permanent magnet generator has been proposed. The proposed inverter consists of an auxiliary circuit which is made up of QZS network and 5 bidirectional switches along with the full bridge inverter configuration. Since the working of power switches are optimized, it is able to produce 7 levels line to line voltage with only 2 shared power switches among the three phases. The output voltage is similar to the renowned traditional multilevel inverters such as diode clamped, flying capacitors and cascaded H bridge inverters but with less power switches and ease of use. A modified carrier based level shifted pulse width modulation control strategy has also been developed. The performance of the proposed inverter is analyzed through MATLAB/SIMULINK and the results are verified with experimental setup.
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