Journal of Electrical Engineering : Volume 18 / 2018 - Edition : 1

Performance of Wound Rotor Induction Motor Operated Under Rotor Windings Asymmetry with Different Connections

Hanafy Hassan Hanafy
Ramadan Ragab Mohamed
Tamer Mamdouh Abdo
electrical machines and drives
This paper presents the performance of a 3-phase wound rotor induction motor (WRIM) under the condition of opening one of the rotor phases including the starting interval. The behavior of WRIM was simulated under faulty conditions for four different possible connections of rotor windings in the ABC frame. Experimental works were carried out for faulty rotor circuit to validate the simulation results. Good agreement between the simulated and the experimental results have been achieved. The results proved that for the faulty rotor windings conditions; the stator and rotor currents increase while the motor speed decreases to nearly half its synchronous speed and the ripples of speed and electromagnetic torque increase. The paper proposes a delta connection with reversed one phase to improve motor performance under faulty conditions. The results proved that the performance of the faulty motor is affected by the connection of rotor windings and the proposed delta connected rotor windings has an acceptable performance.
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