Journal of Electrical Engineering : Volume 19 / 2019 - Edition : 1

A Simple and Cost-Effective Modular Intelligent Transformer for Low and Medium Voltage Applications

Jeyapradha R B
Dr. V. Rajini
power electronics
Intelligent transformer has not seen wide proliferation into the market despite its introduction in early 90's because of the lack of development of a simple and rugged model which is both economical and multifunctional. This paper is aimed at presenting the design and development of an Intelligent Transformer (ITR) with a simple and cost-effective control scheme and a modular structure to facilitate commercial deployment in an extensive scale for low and medium voltage applications in power distribution networks. The Modular ITR (MITR) as it is named is constructed with well -known topologies of solid state converters in three stages coupled with a medium frequency transformer. Each stage of MITR is individually controlled to ensure high degree of modularity and a well regulated output voltage so that issues with interconnection are avoided. Simulation results are presented to demonstrate the performance characteristics as well as additional functionalities of MITR beside voltage transformation. A scaled down laboratory prototype is developed to prove the choice of topologies of individual stages and the concept of MITR.
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