Journal of Electrical Engineering : Volume 17 / 2017 - Edition : 2

Digital Simulation of Voltage Regulated Inverter for FLC Controlled Autonomous PV-Wind Hybrid Power System

A. V. Pavan Kumar
Alivelu M. Parimi
K. Uma Rao
power electronics
The solar PV and the wind are comprehensively measured to be a spotless form of energy harvest from Renewable Energy Sources (RES) which can calm grid reliance. The PV and wind power advances being entrenched, infiltration of these RES into the system has increased exponentially. All together to outline appropriate control and tackle power through RES, the information regarding environmental conditions of the location is crucial. A hybrid power system consisting of solar PV and wind power are chosen for the study. The output from wind power is changed to DC supply and consolidated with PV to make the framework recurrence and autonomous of environmental changes. The effectiveness to maintain DC voltage consistent at desired level is accomplished by Fuzzy Logic Control (FLC) controlled boost converter and the Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT) to concentrate on the maximum power. The Voltage Regulated Inverter (VRI) is used to invert DC to AC, a control based on discrete PLL is actualized in hybrid framework to maintain the parameters at desired level. A mathematical model of hybrid framework consisting of FLC-based MPPT controller boost converters and VRI for standalone application is executed in MATLAB, Simulink. The execution of VRI under steady and differing AC load is dissected. Simulation results demonstrates satisfactory operation of inverter control logic.
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