Journal of Electrical Engineering : Volume 20 / 2020 - Edition : 1

Analysis and Design of a Giromill Type Vertical Axis Wind Turbine for a Low Wind Profile Urban Area

A Mohanasundaram
P Valsalal
building electrification
This paper analyses the design parameters of giromill type vertical axis wind turbine in QBlade and Mat lab Simulink software with an appropriate practical demonstration. The significant factors like Reynolds number, numbers of blades, aspect ratio, and wake module analysis were carried out to design a wind turbine to enhance maximum power at 2 m/s wind speed. The classical 4 digit symmetrical, unsymmetrical NACA series airfoil are taken to analyze Glide ratio with proposed D shaped airfoil and it produces high lift forces at low wind speed. Based on the significant results obtained a virtual VAWT model was constructed in a Simulink which endorses QBlade analysis results. Two VAWTs with an aspect ratio of 2.5 and 0.75 were constructed with 1kW PMDC generator to validate the simulation results. The results exhibit that the low aspect ratio of 0.75, odd number blades like 3 or 5 with D shaped airfoil enables to catch more downwind and it improves the VAWT model has maximum energy efficiency to 50.49 % more than the 2.5 high aspect ratio wind turbines
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