Journal of Electrical Engineering : Volume 20 / 2020 - Edition : 1

Hybrid Technique in MRPID Controller for regulating Torque and Speed of BLDCM Drive System

K Prathibanandhi
R Ramesh
building electrification
The system proposed an ideal control computation based MRPID controller for the torque swell minimization of BLDC Motor drive framework. The control instrument incorporates two controlling circles to be specific , they are speed control circle and the torque control circle which are used to enhance the converter execution of BLDCM. For enhancing the control circle task, the MFO-RNN computation is proposed. Initially, the MFO is examined to improve the speed and inaccuracy of torque from the BLDCM framework. Utilizing the RNN procedure effectively, MFO computed value can be improved. The exemplary parameters are obtained for upgrading the task of MRPID controller. In light of the use of proposed calculation by direct the framework speed and limit the torque swells of BLDCM framework. The advantage of proposed strategy is powerful execution along with proliferated level of the quality and adaptability in unraveling the framework blunder. Furthermore the execution half breed procedure is actualized in the MATLAB/Simulink working stage and compared with existing strategies like ANFIS- Robust Neuro Fuzzy Inference System, Firefly Algorithm (FA) and MFORNN utilizing FOPID controller separately where the parameters like speed, current and torque ripple are reported.
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