Journal of Electrical Engineering : Volume 17 / 2017 - Edition : 2

Sensor less control of FC302 Automation drive using dSPACE

building electrification
This paper refers to speed control of the DANFOSS FC-302 Converter Fed Three phase Induction Motor in different modes like through Local Control Panel (LCP), through manual control and through dSPACE. In LCP method, the required speed is achieved by Voltage Vector Control (VVC+) technique. In manual control Mode, the speed control of the Motor is done by varying the the resistance across the control voltage. In dSPACE control Method, speed is controlled by Sinusoidal PWM control technique. This control technique allows us to control the speed of the motor without using shaft sensor. The speed can be calculated from the stator voltage and currents. For Real time implementation of Speed control using Sine PWM technique, FC-302 is connected with the dSPACE DS1104 board through the interfacing cards like Interface and Protection Card (IPC3), IPC2dSPACE. The Implementation is done on a 2.2 kW induction motor using dSPACE DS1104 and MATLAB/Simulink.
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