Journal of Electrical Engineering : Volume 19 / 2019 - Edition : 3

Adaptive coding aware routing Algorithm in wireless Mesh Networks with multiple QOS constraints (ACAR)

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Network coding is becoming an emerging communication technology by means of providing performance improvement in terms of throughput and energy efficiency. As majority of coding aware routing schemes centers on maximizing the coding opportunities, In this paper we have to optimize the benefits of network coding in the opportunistic routing. We propose a Adaptive coding aware routing Algorithm (ACAR) to encode the packets in two different flows that will not have the intermediate nodes. F-ACAR Algorithm select the optimal and adaptive encoder node from any one of the distinct flow and S-ACAR select any node which will be the neighbouring of the forwarding nodes of two distinct flows based on the anypath cost, delay and bandwidth estimation metrics. Due to this estimation ACAR can able to identify the high throughput and high packet delivery paths. We implement the F-ACAR and S-ACAR protocol in NS2 and compared with High throughput coding Aware routing Algorithm (HCOR). Simulation results show that bandwidth constrained adaptive coding aware routing Algorithm provides higher throughput than other coding aware routing algorithm.
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